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For accurate measurement

Recently, Silicones have been used in the science of measurement. In most scenarios, microscopes, countourscopes, micrometres, sensors, etc., can be used. However, there are some cases where these fail. The Silicone can be poured into holes, gaps, crevices, etc. Once it flows and hardens, it can be removed and measured by conventional instruments. The impression is highly accurate.

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Significant Features:

  • Our silicones have significantly less oil and can replicate details up to 2 microns.

  • Cured Silicones show no dimensional variation for 20 years.

  • They are anti-static and have very low surface tension.

  • They are available in a variety of hardnesses depending on the complexity of the part to be measured.

  • They have a low viscosity and flow easily into small spaces.

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